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I'm jack of all trades.

Multipotentiality other call me that .


One of my favorite passion is drawing and listing to some music on full blast. I really do love art a lot, I have Comics, Artwork from Disney, Artwork from Video games and landscape, Concept art, and graphic design books. I also attend art events in the city as well. LOVE ART



I went to the International Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago. I have a BFA in multimedia video and design.

Currently working on my second BFA, Graphic design at Northeastern Illinois University.

RGB & CMYK Skill

Fresh-book Workshop

I attend the Fresh book workshop in Chicago in August. It was a workshop for networking for Graphic design and other freelancers in the area. They also had a guest speaker From a successful business talk about how to run a successful business in this new age of media.


Triathlon & Tough Mudder

I do like to race in Chicago Triathlon is a swim bike run total of 25 miles, did mine in 2hr in Chicago.  I have done 2 tough Mudder in one year, 12 miles with obstacle course winch challenge the body limit.

My Inspiration

He's one of the best designers in the West coast. He's story of how art has change his life and very motivation speaker. He's design skills are crazy good. This one of my goals in life to meet him.

Aaron Draplin

BOOK: Pretty Much Everything


This Book was an inspiration for my graphic design style. I accidentally found this book on my trip to Portland Oregon. This book was the first run print and soon became my goal to meet this person.

Aaron Draplin


I attend Aaron Draplin Workshop for graphic design when he came to Chicago.  He taught tricks in graphic design and how Design has evolved today. also, the way he taught was really educational and funny.

Aaron Draplin
My Inspirational


I finally got to meet my inspiration. one of the best day I had.

Aaron Draplin
Book sign


Aaron Draplin sign my book. I have the first run print.


Avondale/El Centro Mural

Help participle on painting the wall under the Kezdzie bridge near NEIU el center college.

Avondale/El Centro Mural

The project was to work on Saturday and Sunday on my own time to help the community with helping another artist as well. Starting from post-production to the end result with lamination on it.


Avondale/El Centro Mural

The result was cool, when it was all finished. one month project.


Participate in AIGA to enhance my Graphic Design skills, Video Graphs, Freelance and others art skills. It a Program for Designer to continued study in the art field.

New Logo 50 YEARS with skyline.png

Niles Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Part of an amazing group in the community


Personal Goals

Creating Dreams

  • 1. Finished getting second BFA

  • 2. Start my Master Degree

  • 3. Help Build up a Business

  • 4. Work for a company for 30 years

  • 5. Start My Art teaching

Client Testimonials

I get happy when a Client leaves me a positive Vibe

Black Dog Speed Shop

Jon Hooley

Cristian Chavez is a talented and motivated videographer/graphic
designer with a creative eye. He is a very dedicated and self-motivated professional with a passion for the details in his work. His time at Blackdog Speed Shop enhanced our brand value and took our story telling to another level. Eager to learn and refine his craft, Christian is always exploring and pushing the boundaries of his comfort zone. I had an incredible time working with Christian. Even with multiple projects and under tight time lines, Christian always kept the mood fun and motivating. He is a great guy and a strong asset to any team!

Alan Zielinski

Better Kitchens

Cristian, I am humbled by your expertise and want to thank you for the great work. You really made this a great marketing tool for us as we are all barely surviving. I am looking forward to assisting you in championing your business and passing your information to a5 and the village. Thank you.  With great appreciation,

Diamond Design and Engraving LLC

Extremely creative and a true professional


Best video guy ever! I look forward to hiring him again. Great editing, passionate human being, and a true artist. HIRE THIS MAN!!!

Work Sample Feature

My Photos been in reading articles.


My Illustration & Photography been in magazine seen by a lot of people.

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